PlayMaker CRM for

Sales Representatives

As a sales rep working in the field, it’s challenging to deliver superior customer service to your referral sources while juggling the activities required to manage your day and track your efforts.

PlayMaker CRM for iOS and Android provides quick and easy access to the information you need to be efficient and effective while on-the-go, plus innovative features to reduce monotonous tasks and give you more face-to-face selling time.

WATCH: A Day in the Life

No more paper tracking

  • Use Quick Notes or voice-to-text to capture notes from sales calls
  • Attach photo receipts to expense
  • Mark orders signed from the field
  • Eliminate the need for catching up on nights and weekends

Everything in one place

  • Review historical call & visit notes
  • Identify new referral opportunities using market intelligence data
  • Manage your calendar using drag & drop functionality
  • Access account and contact profiles

In the know on-the-go

  • Get real-time referral alerts
  • Streamline travel by mapping to your next meeting
  • Track your progress on monthly goals
  • Gain insight into ROI per referral source


Diagnosis-Specific Selling Skills – Dx Sell!

Melanie Stover President & COO, Home Care Sales by Power Shot Training

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