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Increased competition, steep reimbursements cuts, and data overload are making it increasingly harder to succeed as a home health care provider. Now more than ever, companies need a proven solution to overcome these challenges and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Since 2008, PlayMaker CRM has been helping home health companies of all sizes revolutionize their sales efforts by providing a data-driven approach to referral source relationships and sales team management.

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Drive Business Growth

with better account management & market intelligence data

PlayMaker CRM makes it simple to instantly identify and target the top referring physicians and facilities for home health in your market. Turn your sales process from guesswork into a quantifiable method for success with TargetWatch.

  • Quickly search by geography, category, diagnosis and more
  • Discover hidden pockets of referral opportunities
  • See at-a-glance those agencies a referral source uses and the percentage of business going to each

“PlayMaker is like a map that enhances our vision for what we are trying to accomplish, and TargetWatch is the GPS telling us exactly where to go.”

Tracy Mims

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mid-Delta Home Health Systems, Inc.

Increase Sales Productivity

with PlayMaker CRM for iOS & Android

Deliver a superior customer experience every time with easy access to real-time information related to critical referral source profiles, scheduled events, and previous visit and call notes while working in the field. Enter visit and call notes, schedule or reschedule events, and enter expenses as they happen, even without connectivity.

  • Get real-time referral alerts
  • Easily attach photo receipts to expenses
  • Drag & drop to reschedule events on your calendar
  • Find new opportunities with market intelligence data
  • Save time with QuickNotes for calls and visits

Did You Know?

Mobile access to a CRM increases sales force productivity by an average of 15%.

Source: Nucleus Research

Gain Total Visibility

with home health-specific reporting

If you want to grow your business, you have to know your business. Leave paper reporting and tracking in your past, and put actionable data insights to work for your business with PlayMaker CRM.

  • Make smarter, faster decisions
  • Track ROI per sales rep and referral source
  • Reduce data chaos and improve pipeline predicability
  • Automate key reports for scheduled email delivery

“Being able to manage the sales organization’s spending on our referral sources and ensuring that we are in compliance with all of the laws as they apply to working with a federal payer — having that assurance helps me to sleep really well at night.”

Sharon Gerlich

Vice President of Sales, Total Home Health

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Doctor’s Choice Home Care

Doctor’s Choice Home Care knew that in order to increase referrals and grow their market share in highly-competitive Southwest Florida, they needed a proven solution to address the challenges the sales team were facing.

Discover how Doctor’s Choice Home Care increased their “starts of care” by more than 25% with PlayMaker CRM.

On Demand Webinar:

Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (Focus on Outcome Measures)

Watch this free webinar recording to discover an overview of the 24 measures included in the current HH VBP Model, with an emphasis on the 8 OASIS-based and 2 claims-based outcome measures, tips for intentional accuracy for each of the outcome measures, and the “overlap” between HHVBP and Star Rating.

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