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Client Testimonials

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Our clients are experts on the many ways PlayMaker CRM helps laser-focus their sales & marketing processes, boost their growth strategies and propel them to greater success in their market.

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The PlayMaker CRM Experience

With some CRM providers, that warm & fuzzy feeling stops as soon as your contract is signed.

Then you’re left with big questions… like how am I going to implement this in my company? How will my team be trained? How long will integration take? Hidden costs? Will it even work?

We at PlayMaker CRM do things differently. Your success is our success. In addition to being provided with a dedicated Client Success Associate, our entire team focuses on your business and works with you to develop a winning strategy that will lead to a successful integration, implementation, and ultimately more referrals and increased profits for your organization!

To help you understand our process, we’ve developed this easy-to-follow timeline to show what’s going on with your account as your organization comes onboard with PlayMaker CRM.

(Of course, every company is different in size and scope and may require additional time, but this is typical of what you can expect when you join the PlayMaker CRM family.)

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